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Personalized Services 

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My Life My Story

Help that important person in your family to write their life story. 

Your family member works with a buddy to answer specific questions about their family history; childhood; life reflections and more. 

These answers, along with photos, are put into a beautiful hardbound book, which is published. A great way to never loss those precious historical family details or stories.

Designing Services

No time to create that special memory book or not technically savvy?


No worries, we can design it for you! 


We will create a memory book or project that is special and unique to you.


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Photo Management Sevices


Not only do people have piles of print photos, they also have the challenge of managing their wealth of digital photos. We can help you manage both collections. 

Mountains of print photos
Print photos can be sorted by theme, project or chronically. We will guide you in this process, train you how to do it or you can hand it all over to us. We have products to help you quickly sort your photos.

Digital Dilemma - Solved
We have a great solution that will help you organize your digital photos. We also provide training to ensure that going forward you understand how to manage, backup and find your digital photos. 



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